lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2014

Did you Know?

The Economic experts are predicting a Massive increase in entrepreneurial activity worldwide. 

Did you know? that 1 out of every 10 job seekers find their ideal job to become entrepreneurs. 

Did you know? Pace of creation of new companies has soared over 100% increase in the last 3 years! 

Did you know? We are in the midst of this surge of espiritud Entrepreneur largest the world has ever experienced. 

Did you know? enrollment in university programs aimed specifically at entrepreneurs are increasingly booming. 

Did you know? you just need an IDEA or concept you're passionate about to start your business. 

And if you do not test that idea with a franchise. 

Did you know? like the word Entrepreneurs Franchise is the word origin 

Anglo-French and its meaning is "Freedom" 

Did you know? the best time to launch a business is during or after this that the economy having a hard time. 

Did you know? these companies (and many more) were created during or just after the 

Great Depression of the 20s and 30s ...

all were developed by entrepreneurs after the Great Depression.

Did you know? according to the Kauffman Foundation, more than half of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world were created during tough economic times. 

Did you know? people between 55 and 64 represent the group with the highest entrepreneurial activity and surprisingly, the group of 20 to 34 is the most bajo.Esto should not be So, continuing job crisis is hitting especially young people. 

Did you know? unemployment in under 25 years, USA is 18.2%, UK is 19.3%, France 24.4%, Spain 39.2%, and the situation is worse in other countries. 

Did you know? 3 main reasons why young people are not Undertakes a business, 
No-one have an idea or concept in which to believe. 
2-Not having the right contacts to help them get started. 
3-Not having enough capital to make the leap and start their own business.

"Do not Be Afraid to Ask"

Did you know? 50% of Level Global Entrepreneurs to think it is harder to start a new business today than in previous years. 
However, in this economic environment, the rich get richer ... 
And you know what they all have in common? 
All started at some point your own business. 

Did you know? only 8% of those considered its rich inherited Fortuna. 
So keep statistics ... and start your own business! 

And why suddenly is becoming so popular to be an entrepreneur? 
Think about it; 
is a fact that "Most" of the jobs that have been lost in the global recession and never return and they will come back very slowly over the next 5-7 years.

But where you can find millions of young people the resources to start their own business in this very difficult economic environment? 
Discover as

Would equip this new wave of entrepreneurs worldwide 
with the concepts, contacts, and capital

they need to start their own business.

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