viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

Discover "Entrepreneurship is Now Easy"

"Neurs is a Social Network Platform is created especially for Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing promising way to contact and able to do business on line. 

Neurs has been running about 4 months and provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop new businesses, projects and contacts for power also empower alternatives proyectos.Ofrece Business, Franchising, Opportunities to Angel investors to start / enhance your Startup.

We all know that Facebook and Twitter are social networks par excellence, contact with friends and acquaintances and LinkedIn is more professional use. 

Now we have Neurs arises to facilitate contacts and take the place of the Network for Entrepreneurs, the world needed this idea and now is here. 
It is a platform for all those connections that are looking to start your new business, but do not know what to do or how to do it.

Neurs show you compatible business that suit your features, when you complete the form at the time of registration and the responses from various business alternatives are generated and so the user can choose. 

You can find several direct selling, franchising, traditional businesses, services etc .. what matters is that each alternative is analyzed before offering the user Neurs. 
The offers are tailored to the characteristics of each user search, so you can find from a Marketing company to a financial services business.

Being a World-Class platform, with users worldwide, facilitates contact between companies and entrepreneurs diferenes regions. Neurs is creating a database that lets you connect with and Business Opportunity worldwide. 

If an entrepreneur does not have enough capital Neurs find several alternatives, angel investors, a loan, or you can opt for Affiliate Marketing Neurs. An Affiliate Member; He is a person who helps to promote, attract new users and depending on the number of members get in return you get a certain amount of money and this is a way to finance your business.

There are many people looking for support and help to start and start your business. 

There are young educated and college leavers remain unemployed or parents who are now dismissed without re empleo.Hay find many people who are retiring and want to remain active, life expectancy has grown and motivation of these people is high to start new activities. 

The objective is Neurs Connecting a Global community and also provide the tools for anyone who wants to start on the path of entrepreneurship. 

Neurs also offers training courses Neurs University that helps improve the platform and start negocios.En are registered providers who offer their services and education that will connect directly to your compatible clients.

Neurs modify the way we do business, connecting thousands of people who previously used social tools that limit their scope and they are not focused specifically on business. 

Now with Neurs you'll have a medium prepared to develop your business and empower. 
Find like-minded people who want the same as you, the two Worlds Connect Provider and Entrepreneurs, 

Neurs revolutionize the way we do business, generate new possibilities for entrepreneurs seeking ideas and concrete to start and suppliers looking to expand globally alternatives. 

Neurs lets you more customers and partnering with other providers. 

You have 3 types of accounts;


Suggesting ideas Business ideal for them, that they fit your profile Emprendedor.Facilitándole Business Training Necessary to Start your Business ideal.Proporcionándole Connections Providers that can help them develop their Negocios.Ofreciéndole access to a single platform they will help you get the capital you need to grow your new business. 

If you know anyone who benefits from the Account: 


How to help PROVIDER? 
Letting you create a professional profile where entrepreneurs can easily encontrarle.Facilitando them a platform to create informative Courses Attracting Entrepreneurs and be able to offer their services and offerings designed to Negocios.Creando Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Pro actively Entrepreneurs Seeking profiles that best fit your business, and thus create more connections with the people they care about their offer. 

If you know anyone who benefits from the Account: 

FULL ACCESS Account, designed for users who want to use Advanced All Benefits of the Platform Provider and Entrepreneur. 
With this account you can create Profiles Provider, you can make suggestions to the whole community of emprendedores.Puedes create and host online education courses aimed at your market ideal.Puedes search for specific profiles of entrepreneurs, 
Have the advantage and ability to act both as an entrepreneur and platform provider ... 

If you know anyone who benefits from the Account: 


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