viernes, 18 de abril de 2014

Opportunity Founding Member

Day April 28 , only 11 days , will be the launch of Neurs , sure to be prepared to Activate your Member account and / or that there are two types Afiliado.Recuerda Affiliate ; Affiliate (Free) or Affiliate Member ( $ 79 fee only )

On April 28 , and will have the option to choose one of the three types of accounts available in Neurs , you can become an entrepreneur , Supplier or Member Fundador.Si You activated as an Affiliate Partner you before April 1 , remember that you guaranteed a Founding Member Account if you decide to exercise this option .

Please keep in mind that any Active Affiliate Partner that during our first round of upgrades and decide to become a Founding Member during the first 36 hours of April 28 ,
Rate Discount Voucher for $ 79 in the account Founding Member .

 Also All Affiliates and Partners Affiliates who choose to be Founding Members as of April 28 , Qualified for the bonus incentive Founding Member , you will Decisive ..

To get this Bonus Incentive Decisive Founding Member , you got to be a Member or Affiliate Partner that Active as Founding Member and your guests Activate Direct as Founding Members 
5 Founding Members direct = $ 1,500 bonus
 Daniel Nicuez
10 Founding Members direct = $ 3,500 bonus
20 Founding Members direct = $ 10,000 bonus
To receive this bonus Founding Member you must choose or be Affiliate Affiliate Partner
and you have until May 6th Day at Midnight ( ET in the U.S.) for ActivArte as Founding Member and help direct your guests to do the same in order to receive the bonus .
This bonus will be paid Decisive your Payoneer account on Saturday May 10

 Daniel Nicuez

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